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How To Cook Taco Meat In The Crockpot

Crockpot Taco Meat is a super simple way to get a family friendly dinner on the table and make everyone happy.  A delicious Family Taco Night just got easier!

This crockpot taco meat recipe is the perfect way to feed a crowd with a taco bar, tailgate party, or your family and friends on Taco Tuesday!

Tender &



Step 1

Place raw ground beef in the slow cooker bowl.

Add taco seasoning and salsa. Cover and cook on high heat for 2 hours or until the meat no longer has the pink color in the middle.

Step 2

After 30 minutes, stir to mix, and continue cooking. In the last 30 minutes, use a spoon to break up any remaining chunks of meat.

Step 3

For the full recipe and detailed instructions, please see the recipe card.

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