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What to Serve with Perogies

If you are wondering what dish to serve with Perogies, then you have come to the right place.

Whether your thinking about classic regional pairings or trying to make something less traditional, then I have you covered.

A pierogi is essentially an eastern European dumpling, typically boiled, then pan fried quickly before serving.

What Are Perogies?

Perogies range from savory to sweet, and of course some are somewhere, in fact everywhere, in between. That means sides that go best get equally diverse quickly.

What Sides to Serve with Perogies

- Roasted Artichokes These crispy roasted artichokes with parmesan are one of the best side dishes or snacks.

Vegetables to Serve with Pierogies

This easy-to-make recipe requires only a few simple ingredients and is packed with flavor.

Collard Greens

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