About LTB

Welcome to Leftovers Then Breakfast!

I am so glad you have joined me on this journey to showcase classic recipes that are perfect for any meal. This blog is the delicious result of wanting to share all the yummy recipes I have acquired over the years, from friends and family, that I want to share with you.

I am from a crazy family where everything revolves around food. From spending a considerable amount of my early teens growing up in my parent’s restaurant, to our enormous family reunions, to cooking weekly meals for our church congregation, I have quite a few.

You might know, or might not, that I started my first blog, Take Two Tapas where I share easy, unique appetizers and refreshing cocktails, in 2013. I really enjoy finger foods and I really love a good cocktail, but I can’t really share casseroles and such on an entertaining site.

That’s why my husband Brooks and I decided to start Leftovers Then Breakfast.

Why leftovers…

Because I am really not a big breakfast food eater. A few exceptions are bacon, which I can eat any time day or night. I mean, ITS BACON! The other exception is the weekend. Brooks and I love to go out on Saturday morning and try breakfast at a new diner or one of our faves if we are just hungry.

So what do I eat for breakfast? Usually leftovers from the night before. Or I have been known to whip up pasta and meat sauce at 8am. Salads, chicken, casseroles, you name it, I will eat it in the morning.

Strange, right? I also ate lima beans and rice as an after school snack growing up so maybe not the weirdest thing. It’s not like I put ketchup on my potato chips…

So stick around and try a few of these recipes that I love and gather around the table with friends and family. I know you will love them too!

Just awarded: Leftovers Then Breakfast just won Best Breakfast Blog of 2023! Thanks to all our readers!

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