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Salads offer endless opportunities for creativity. Gone are the days when a it meant a chopped up mound of iceberg lettuce with a glob of dressing slopped over it. Then, maybe a couple olives tossed on top if you were lucky.

They can be cool and crisp, or warm and filling. There are even dessert salad recipes.


Recipes can also range from uber-healthy and nutritious to wildly decadent, but a little bit of indulgence is good too.  The point is it doesn’t have to just mean skinny rabbit food anymore.

Green Salads

Greens have come a long way. Nowadays you find so many interesting greens to work with in even the most basic grocery store. Arugula, beet greens, mustard leaves, and more, the only challenge is deciding what to get.

Take your chances to discover the varieties. You can easily mix and match, or eat them on their own.

Main Course

Truly, they are nothing less than entirely versatile. You certainly don’t have to just think about it as a course on the way to the main course. In fact, why not serve one as the main course? With chicken, for example, is perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Fruit Is An Option

Fruits and veggies work well together, but an all fruit shifts the focus to more sweet and tangy. Fruit salads have also come along way since those syrupy sweet cups of tangerines, grapes, and pineapple and unnaturally red cherries.

Dessert Salads

When it comes to dessert, most people don’t typically think salad, right? Well, that needs to change. Because dessert is another opportunity to step out of the same old thing.

When Is The Best Time To Serve Salad?

According to Ayurvedic and western nutritional advice, serving at the beginning is best. This provides for the best possible absorption of nutrients as aids digestion as well. Of course, throw all that out the window if you are thinking about having one for dessert.

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