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Main dishes sit front and center in terms of overall meal plans. Everything else, from appetizer to dessert, gets planned around the main course. Mains typically involve some type of protein, like beef, pork, or chicken.

Easy Main Dishes For Brunch, Lunch, And Dinner

The good news about main course is that is typically is actually one of the easier parts of a multi-course meal to prepare for. Meats can be broiled, boiled, baked, and fried, but you don’t have too much to deal with besides just the cooking technique.

However, mains can also mean mixed ingredient dishes like casseroles or stews and soups too.

In any event, the main point of the main course is to let the ingredient do the talking, not the technique.

Beef Main Dishes

Nothing heartier than a beef main course. Steaks, or fajitas, stews, or meatballs. Beef means everyone leaves the table full and satisfied.

Chicken Courses

Chicken is the go-to for diet conscious meals, and it also is cheaper than beef. So chicken makes a great budget friendly option for the main dishes. Also, chicken is just as versatile when it comes to ways to prepare it too.

Pork For the Main Dish

Pork, aka “the other white meat” has the meatier flavors similar to beef, but offers perhaps even more ways to use it based on the cut. Pork is also cheaper too like chicken, so it provides a great way to avoid shocks when you get up to the register.

Also, pork sausage offers a wonderfully versatile ingredient to work with as well for main dishes!

Vegetable Main Dishes

Of course, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy veggies as a main course either. Consider swapping a vegetable side with an animal main to enjoy a veggie main course sometimes too.

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