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Side Dishes are what rounds out a meal and pairs well with the Main Dishes. No one wants to just have one thing on the plate, it would look empty.

A delicious and easy side dish is a great way to support and enhance the main course.

Whether they be a baked Rice Casserole or something as simple as an oven roasted vegetable, these easy sides will pair perfectly with anything you serve.

Popular Side Dishes

Popular sides tend to make the meal. The phrase “meat and potatoes” didn’t happen by accident. The best sides not only compliment the main dish, but also balance out the meal.

Of course, some sides pair better with a particular main course, but there are rarely hard and fast rules. In fact, taking a walk off the beaten trail of typical same old, same old is always fun to do. Like, try a rice side with beef instead of potatoes, and a potato side with fish. Go wild.

Popular side courses usually also tend to be easy to make too. Take a gander at some of these suggestions:

Side Dishes On A Diet

You don’t have to deny yourself a plat d’accompagnement (the fancy French terms for sides) on a diet. Life is too short for that. Finding a side dish that works on a diet is easy. The challenge is keeping the portion size reasonable, because sides that taste this good might beg a second helping or three…

Unusual Side Dishes

Sometimes, when time permits and creativity calls for an unusual side dish, you may need some inspiration to unlock the full potential of a great side.

These suggestions carry various levels of difficulty, but none are so challenging you would need Martha Stewart on speed dial.

Side Dishes For Chicken, Beef, And Pork

Pairing side courses with main courses like beef, chicken, or pork means taking a few things under deep consideration. Allow yourself at least ten seconds of deep meditation to contemplate the possibilities.

Is the main dish the star of the meal? Do you need the side to sate the appetite? Filet mignon is great, but no one is going to get full eating that tiny little tenderloin!

Side dishes to the rescue!

 Sides As A Main Course

Ok, sometimes the side course that accompanies the main course takes center stage. And why not? In fact, sometimes a side becomes a great main course.

Especially when it comes to leftovers!

So, feel free to make a little extra… Some of these are even better the next day.


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