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Kitchen Basics refers to the essentials you need to keep a stocked pantry and handy cooking tips Many times, great meals come down to knowing your way around the kitchen, first and foremost.

That means keeping the core ingredients stocked, knowing what you will need for prep, and having a kitchen hack or two up your sleeve. Or behind your apron…

With a few core tips, tricks and techniques, you can be the master of your own kitchen.

And pantry!

Kitchen Basics 101

If you have a few of basics down pat, then you don’t need to worry about having every kitchen gadget or a huge collection of pots and pans destined for the Smithsonian.

Truth be told, you can also get by with a few basic seasonings in the pantry. Because if you know how to blend them, then you can create all sorts of seasoning blends perfect for any dish.

Basic Broth Stocks

Knowing how to make a broth comes in handy and it is so simple to do too. A great broth adds depth and character to a dish. Your homemade broth makes a wonderful soup, or an amazing sauce. You can braise with it.

And homemade broths keep well in the fridge or the freezer too. So it is easy to keep some handy too.

Kitchen Basic Seasoning Blends

If you stock the pantry with some standard seasonings, then blending them is easy. Better yet, with the right basic seasonings on hand, you possess the culinary DNA to create dishes from simply provincial, to absolutely exotic.

Some Basic Prep Techniques

It is all about technique. At the end of the day, if you master a few basic skills, then you have the power to make “basic” seem extraordinary. It might just be understanding basic kitchen terms. Or it might mean knowing your way around a few utensils, most importantly things like knives, where safety plays a meaningful part.

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