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7 Layer Salad (Overnight Salad)

A 7 Layer Salad is easily prepped the night before and full of textures and flavors. This classic recipe makes a stunning centerpiece and is the perfect dish to bring to any pot luck, pitch in, or backyard family gatherings. A party isn’t a party without a gorgeous and delicious Seven-Layer Salad! Crisp fresh veggies, layered to …

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How to Brown Ground Beef (Great Meal Prep!)

Browning ground beef the proper way will kick up the flavor in your tacos, chilis, casseroles, or any other ground beef recipe! With my easy to follow step-by-step instructions you’ll get browned, flavorful, juicy, AND delicious beef every time. How to Cook Ground Beef So many recipes out there that begin with “brown the ground …

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